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Mud Flat Press

From rough draft to finished book, Mud Flat Press helps  authors with:

  • editing
  • interior design
  • cover art
  • and more!

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Latest Publications from
Mud Flat Press

A Story in Fowl Language
by Penelope Merrell

Visual Liberties
Freedom Trilogy Book 3
by Alec Clayton

Coming Soon

Mr. Klein’s Wild Ride by Lynn Savage
and Tupelo by Alec Clayton

Previously published as a Kindle book, Mr. Klein’s Wild Ride is the tale of Gary Klein, a marketing guru who accepts the job of brand manager for a sexy new theme park . . . at which point his life and his marriage spin into chaos. His tragicomic downfall culminates at Bliss Panerotic, a paradise for lovers and a feast for the senses. It's an island playground for couples whose lust for adventure knows no bounds. Mr. Klein's Wild Ride is a satire that calls to mind Jurassic Park and Exit to Eden, yet merges its own cutting-edge technology with polyamorous sexuality.
Tupelo is an good-twin-evil-twin saga of the South told from beyond the grave by Kevin Lumpkin, a white boy born to privilege in Tupelo, Mississippi. He comes of age in the time of Freedom Rides, lunch counter sit-ins, civil rights marches and demonstrations. Tupelo calls to mind East of Eden—not to be confused with Exit to Eden, and not to mention To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help.
Both books are tentatively scheduled for release as trade paperbacks in September.

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