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Imprudent Zeal
by Alec Clayton

From Mississippi to New York to Seattle, from the 1940s to the close of the twentieth century, five characters who come of age at different times and in different parts of the country are thrown together through happenstance in this saga of modern life. They are:

  • Scully McDonald, a failed seminarian
  • Becca McDonald, a streetwalker in New York
  • McKenzie McDonald, Becca's daughter who escapes to Seattle and becomes a successful art dealer
  • Lane Felts, an artist from the deep South
  • Palmer Jackson, the self destructive artist who is lover to both Lane and McKenzie
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Trade paper $12.00
Kindle edition $5.00
Pages: 226
Publication year: 2008

ISBN: 978-0980032253


"... If this book had a soundtrack, it would be rock and roll
played on a calliope." - Lew Hamburg, The Olympian

"... brimming with immense intelligence, empathy, humor and compassion. This novel is like a gorgeous prism that flashes the unique struggles of very different kinds of individuals, from the known to the anonymous." - Lisa Kinoshita, from review

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